This website will serve as your one-stop shop for information about the General Plan Update for The City of Napa. This site provides up-to-date information, including a description and schedule of the project, resources, public participation and input opportunities, FAQs, and contact information.

We invite you to take a look around and share your vision for the future of The City of Napa. Please check back often for updates on the planning process, announcements of upcoming meetings and other ways to participate, and to review draft documents.


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Purpose and Process

Twenty years ago, the City of Napa adopted the current General Plan to guide the development of the city. Much has changed in the city since that period, with flood improvements and open spaces completed, and changes and new development in downtown and elsewhere. Demographic, technological, economic, and transportation conditions have also changed. The City has embarked upon preparing an update to the General Plan, which will outline a new long-term vision for the community that reflects current conditions and priorities as the city continues to evolve.

The updated General Plan will take into account Napa’s cherished past and vibrant present to build an even more livable, sustainable, and inclusive future. It will outline the City’s plan for land use, housing, transportation, community facilities, parks and recreation, historic resources, health and safety, economic development, and more through the year 2040. At the heart of the process is community participation. The voices of Napa residents are integral to all phases of updating the document, from the initial visioning until the adoption of the Plan.

Along with the General Plan, an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) will be prepared to ensure that environmental opportunities and constraints are identified and integrated into the planning process. To conserve the ecosystems that enable the unique coexistence of urban and natural settings in Napa, the EIR will identify policies that avoid or mitigate adverse environmental impacts as possibilities for the future are considered.

The public is invited and encouraged to provide input during all phases of the General Plan.


Planning Area

The updated General Plan will plan for land within Napa city limits, unincorporated land within the City’s Sphere of Influence, and some areas outside of city/sphere limits where the City provides public services.  


Strengths and Challenges

Napa is located in heart of world-renowned Napa Valley wine region. The city is located alongside Napa River, and is beloved for its historic Downtown, charming neighborhoods, and as a center of food and wine culture, and tourism. However, Napa is not without its challenges, as it faces rising housing prices, mobility challenges, and a need to thoughtfully balance the demands of tourists with those of the local community. Updating the General Plan is an important and unique opportunity for the community today to define its vision for the future, clearly articulate goals and priorities, and to put in place policies that will guide development and community investment through the year 2040.

Napa’s updated General Plan will address issues that impact all aspects of life in the city. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Managing future development within a city that is largely built;

  • Promoting equity, and providing affordable housing;

  • Protecting natural and historic resources;

  • Articulating strategies that promote economic development while ensuring benefits for the local community;

  • Planning a more sustainable transportation system; and

  • Enhancing community facilities and services.



The General Plan Update will occur in a step-by-step process that includes initial community outreach and understanding of community needs; analysis of existing, conditions, trends, and opportunities; evaluation of alternatives; and preparation of the General Plan and the EIR. The process is expected to take about two years, with completion by mid-2020. The General Plan Update process is illustrated in the diagram below:

Simplified Timeline-01.png

General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC)

The General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC) consists of a representative range of community members and works closely with City staff and the consultant team to provide valuable input and direction throughout the General Plan Update process. The GPAC will make recommendations to the Planning Commission, which in turn will make recommendations to the City Council.

The public is welcome to attend GPAC meetings.

For other opportunities to participate in the planning process, please see the Participate Page.


Consultant Team

Dyett & Bhatia Urban and Regional Planners is leading the consultant team.

Additional consultants, with specializations in different disciplines, are: